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Christmas Lights Font

Font NameChristmas Lights
Author/OwnerRich Gast

“Christmas Lights – Indoor & Outdoor” are the 48th and 49th free fonts from Rich Gast. They are zipped together as one set and this text file pertains to both fonts.

They were originally created on 09/21/00.

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You can download this Christmas Lights font using the link I have provided below. If you want to download it you can download it using the button below.

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Christmas Lights font

File Font Version :

  • Christmaslights.otf
  • Christmaslights.ttf

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The character sets for these fonts are as follows:

Christmas Lights Indoor:

  • Letters [Bulb Up] are Upper Case Letters
  • Letters [Bulb Dn] are Lower Case Letters
  • Numbers [Bulb Up] are 0 thru 9
  • Numbers [Bulb Dn] are alt0180 thru alt0189
  • Fill Character [Bulb Up] is alt0150
  • Fill Character [Bulb Dn] is alt0151
  • ! [Bulb Up] is ! [Bulb Dn] is alt0161
  • @ [Bulb Up] is @ [Bulb Dn] is #
  • $ [Bulb Up] is $ [Bulb Dn] is \
  • % [Bulb Up] is % [Bulb Dn] is alt0137
  • & [Bulb Up] is & [Bulb Dn] is +[Bulb Up] is * [Bulb Dn] is alt0166
  • ‘ [Bulb Up] is ‘ [Bulb Dn] is alt0163
  • Single Smart Quotes [Bulb Up] are alt0145 & alt0146
  • Single Smart Quotes [Bulb Dn] are alt0162 & alt0163
  • ” [Bulb Up] is ” [Bulb Dn] is alt0165
  • Double Smart Quotes [Bulb Up] are alt0147 & alt0148
  • Double Smart Quotes [Bulb Up] are alt0164 & alt0165
  • Snow Flakes [Bulb Up] is (
  • Snow Flakes [Bulb Dn] is )
  • , [Bulb Up] is , [Bulb Dn] is < . [Bulb Up] is . [Bulb Dn] is >
  • ? [Bulb Up] is ? [Bulb Dn] is /
  • : [Bulb Up] is , [Bulb Dn] is alt0134
  • ; [Bulb Up] is , [Bulb Dn] is alt0135
  • [Bulb Up] is – [Bulb Dn] is _
  • Blank Connecting Wire is =
  • Male Plug: Left is { Right is }
  • Female Plug: Left is [ Right is ]
  • Connected Male/Female Plug is `

Christmas Lights Outdoor:

All characters, both Bulb Up and Bulb Dn, are tilted either left or right a few degrees as though blown by the wind. Therefore there are 4 “fill” characters instead of 2. They are:

  • Fill Character [Bulb Up – Left Tilt] is alt0150
  • Fill Character [Bulb Up – Right Tilt] is alt0151
  • Fill Character [Bulb Dn – Left Tilt] is alt0152
  • Fill Character [Bulb Dn – Right Tilt] is alt0153

Vertical positioning and glyph width are the same in both fonts so that one string of characters can be made by mixing both fonts, resulting in an unbroken string of both straight and tilted lights.

Fill characters can be typed in different colors and then the bulb characters superimposed on top of the fill to create a colorful holiday message.

This pair of fonts was created for Ole at as a thanks for offering to host my site.

….. Rich Gast
GreyWolf WebWorks

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